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Pool Stain Removal and Prevention

Pool Stains happen.  Organic stains and metal stains are the two causes.  Organic staining comes from bugs and plant matter.  Metal stains often come from our water supply, hose ends left in pools (DO NOT LEAVE STEEL HOSE ENDS IN YOUR POOL WHILE FILLING), roofing nails left in pool, screws left in pump baskets, hair barrets and ties, lighters dropped in pools etc.  No matter where the stains come from, there are a few techniques for removing them from the finish.  Single spot stains can be individually removed as well as large stained areas of your finish.

Acid washes can absolutely remove stains.  It can remove your finish as well if the crew performing the service isn't careful.  Acid washes remove thin layers of your pool finish.  Most good finishes can be acid washed at least once.  This is a drastic, very caustic and damaging process.  We highly recommend against acid washes.  Where does that leave us?

We can use chemistry to our advantage and remove the staining from the finish without damaging the pool finish.  Using this new method of stain removal we pull the stain from the finish,  bind the metal and keep it suspended in pool water, then remove the bound suspended metal from the pool water with a CuLator (polymer device that attracts metals).  We can also dump and refill pool with our stain prevention filling device.

All new finishes and new built pools should have our preventative metal staining treatment program.  This is a year round stain prevention method of using different chemical agents (all safe for pool enjoyment).  City water has metal in it.  Well water has metal in it.  Stains will occur over the life of the pool.  

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